[SALT] #general quotes of the day

What are these quotes of the day?
Every day at 6 am and 6 pm CE(S)T the topic text of #general channel on [SALT] Discord server changes.

Here you can submit your own "quotes" and, if approved, will be chosen to be the channel description for 12h.
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The text is being chosen by random from a pool of unused text. If there is no text remaining, it shuffles the old texts back to being unused and one of the old texts will be chosen.

I will not approve texts which use custom Discord emotes or emotes from Twitch subscription, both of them will not display in the channel description. You can use normal Twitch emotes like Dansgame etc.

You can use links, they are clickable on Discord, please no porn/liveleak sites.

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MessageTimes usedAuthor
N E C R O M A N C E R32Plenyx
Gorseval did nothing wrong32Plenyx
:DansGame: YOU DON'T SKIP GACHI :DansGame:27ReemaHD
ERP, the best RAIDING tournament ever conducted in a pub in Divinity's Reach24Plenyx
The Ultimate necromancer damage hybrid32Plenyx
MysticBuilds is a 1v1 tournament like no other!30UK_Paragon
FREE game be grateful that it's a FREE game that's FREE you should buy it just to be grateful for this FREE game because consumers shouldn't be allowed to voice criticism especially against a FREE game32ReemaHD
Dank Memes Make Dank Dreams32Plenyx
Are traps gay? They are only 25% gay. - Kevin 201731Plenyx
Be kind, be safe and enjoy your adventure - MMOINKS 201732Plenyx
Xroads memes32Plenyx
Berserker Meta32Plenyx
Teapot never late31Plenyx
Late night map exploration32Plenyx
:sparkling_heart: Happy Birthday Teapot! :sparkling_heart:32NevaDaha
But the hacks tho31Plenyx
See you in the mists31Plenyx
Can i type here?29NevaDaha
I should work, but still online32Plenyx
We move as one circus, but are seperate clowns31TarEnethil
I'm edgy haHAA30shadow_nin
Delusional and Toxic31Plenyx
"Scourge is helltrash" - MightyTeapot 201731Plenyx
I like how MightyTeapot doesn't realize that all of his viewers are me on different accounts. Don't believe me? Watch me post this on my other accounts!29Cyhann
Easy first try27Toxic_Nicky
F OFF! WHY DON"T U WORK! - Plenyx 201732Plenyx
Don't forget to eat your Snicker26MecrBladicus
Spreadsheet DPS31Plenyx
Mistakes were made, I give up32Plenyx
For those on farm week after week29BeeboyCubed
Dodging is a dps-loss31Plenyx
Hey Plenyx, can you chrono tank?27Tairy_Hesticles
:rage: :point_right: :door:32Plenyx
High APM gameplay32Plenyx
:door: :point_left: :rage: :new: :regional_indicator_f: :regional_indicator_a: :regional_indicator_g: :regional_indicator_s:32Plenyx
Kevin's arguments are always right31Plenyx

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MessageTimes usedAuthor
Is your dress new? It is so clean!32TarEnethil
Mostly better than Ele29Toxic_Nicky
WvW status: Still dead33Plenyx
Welcome to mind spike - Deroir 201633Plenyx
Semicolons are hard, so am I - Plenyx 201733Plenyx
I will out-dps you on minstrel chrono33Plenyx
Its dangerous out there, take this! ▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一E33Plenyx
Follow @MMOINKS on twitter32TarEnethil
Level 10 Speedrunning33Plenyx