About PlenBot

Main reason for the bot
The main goal for PlenBot was to reward viewers on my stream for watching me live. Nowadays, PlenBot also manages Twitch integration for the Hardstuck Twitch team and couple of other additional useful implementations for my stream and for various Discord servers. Plenbot Twitch functions:
  • Reward system for Plenyx's stream
  • follower checker
  • webhook implementations for Hardstuck/li>
  • advanced webhook implementations for Plenyx's stream
  • API and extra tools for Hardstuck
Plenbot Discord functions:
  • #general in [SALT] Discord
    • changing topic text every 12h
    • general-after-dark
  • #counterpurge channel
  • discussions in [SALT] Discord
  • role assign for Plenyx's and Hardstuck's Discord servers
  • live notifications for Plenyx's and Hardstuck's Discord servers
Plenbot GW2 functions:
  • Guild Hall upgrades
  • #counterpurge channel interface
Plenbot Windows software:
  • PlenBot for Plenyx's stream
  • PlenBotLogUploader w/ source code on GitHub

Software credits
PHP v7.4.7 - The website interface and server backcode Linux crons - triggering PHP scripts Percona 5.6.45 - MySQL InnoDB database Visual Studio Code - PHP, C and Python development Visual Studio 2019 Community - C# development Bootstrap 4 - a responsive web design framework Font Awesome 5 - a set of icons for web pages jQuery - a JavaScript library

Special thanks
MightyTeapot for making me believe in myself when I needed it the most, getting me into various of his events, meeting him IRL, and getting me partnered on Twitch My early viewers while I had nothing good to stream: Tairy, Ketchup, UK Paragon, Nevadaha, Tar, Reema, CaptainPapaya, capskii, Acolyte, Kevin, Hefn My IRL friends: Brovns, Hans, Sachmet, Lusa, Merzin, Silverwing My channel mods And everyone who watches my streams these days