PlenBot 3.0 as the next step
Hello everyone, I wanted to emphasize on the stuff I explained on the stream: most of the PlenBot system uniqueness is going to go. While I had a blast coding things like rewards tracks and the reward point systems, they are overcomplicated to the general viewer, therefore, I will reduce the amount of complications in the system, starting with the reward system. That system is going to be fully removed by the end of June, so if you have unused RPs, spend it now on the upgrades, while they last. Twitch extension I want to replace the system of being in the Twitch chat to gain channel currency. This created an easy way for people to farm the currency on the channel without watching the stream itself. After PlenBot 3.0 you will be required to have authenticated a Twitch extension with the same name. This extension will give me the required data I needed to determine if you are truly watching the channel. In addition to this, I plan to have the extension to take over some stuff you used the normal bot for like entering giveaways and viewing the amount of channel currency you currently have. Moving to the extension I am not going to lie: moving the system to be this extension based is going to be a hard thing to do. So far I rewrote most of my systems, but there is a missing thing about the Twitch extensions: they have a separate user identification systems than the mentioned Twitch ID as a big part of PlenBot 2.0. That means all the code is going to be completely rewritten again to counter this. At the start you will be asked to allow the extension to get your Twitch ID. If you do not do so, you will not be getting points on your account, but on a temporary account stored elsewhere. After you verify the information, all the points gathered prior to verification is going to be added to your old account. A little side note A am also working on a Twitch extension for the Guild Wars 2 community. I have only begun working on it quite recently. If you are willing to help me test some features and/or are a designer, feel free to message me on Twitch or on Discord. I appreciate all the help I can get.