Update 2 "RIP points LuL" preview
In this update, I will be focusing on simplifying the stream currency system, therefore removing reward tracks and reworking stream reward track and focusing on making giveaways more winnable by non-subs. **Planned features in development are as follows:** * completely removing points and reward track completion * participation scaling: +1/+2/+3/+4/+5 Proofs of Viewbotting per tick * if you follow the channel you skip every second one making it +1/+3/+5 Proofs of Viewbotting per tick * this change makes Max Tick Booster Only obsolete, the upgrade will be reworked as +1 Proof of Viewbotting per tick whenever a booster is running * boosters * early bird booster ➞ 15% booster ➞ +1 Proof of Viewbotting per tick * 25% booster ➞ +2 Proofs of Viewbotting per tick * increase in booster prices * permanent boosters * Level 0 ➞ +0 Proofs of Viewbotting per tick * Free for subs ➞ Level 1 ➞ +1 Proof of Viewbotting per tick * Level 2 ➞ +2 Proofs of Viewbotting per tick * increase in level pricing * gambling limits * I will be removing bets, because they are not used that much and would only inflate Proofs * refund of all gambling limits upgrades * giveaways * an optional limit of how much tickets you can put on a giveaway * introduction to cost per ticket in giveaways * the upper limit is not going to be used that often as well as cost per ticket, but some giveaways will be exempt from this statement * subs multiplier x2 ➞ x1.5 (and rounding down) * donations * donations bonuses will be +1 Proof of Viewbotting per tick for every $15 donated and it will be capped at max +2 Proofs of Viewbotting per tick * every 50 cents will be extra 1 Proof of Viewbotting added directly to you * participation * I have already mentioned participation, but this is the most important update: * to be eligable to get the tick you have to be watching the stream and have the PlenBot twitch extension enabled * the way this will be implemented will probably change, or wouldn't be changed at all, but I am still mentioning it here for all you in the chat using your bots just to farm points, I am watching you and I will make at least some countermeasures **As the result of this post, stream rewards and statistics pages are no longer available.** **They will be available to the testers as soon as somewhat working version is going to be published.** **Edit: this is not the final version, but only a glimpse of what is likely to be the next PlenBot 2.0 system.**