PlenBot 2.0 is comming with big changes
I will slowly roll out 3 updates to PlenBot. Currently planned out ones are: * **Update 1 "Preparation":** * small update focusing on small bits of PlenBot, mainly SALT stuff, that is guild hall upgrades, #general quotes and raid training * new TTS upgrade & command * **Update 2 "RIP points LuL":** * complete overhaul of points & reward system * brand new statistics page * as a part of the new system you get bonuses depending on how much points did you get totally before this new system * **Update 3 "Delusional elitists and hello developers":** * integration of bonuses depending on you following other members of delusional elitists twitch team * official PlenBot API When upgrading systems, those systems will be inaccessible without the Tester tag, to get it and help me develop the system, become a tester under settings when logged in. You can expect these updates to take place throughout January 2018 and be fully released roughly at the end of January. Just a reminder, no stream until the end of January as well. **Happy Christmas and happy new year everyone.**