PlenBot 3.3.0 has been released
This patch for PlenBot is nerfing the Proof gain, but also introduces a small amount of quality of life improvements and streamlining the use of the Bot. Proof participation is reduced from maximum of 7 to a maximum of 5. The bonuses for follower, been a sub/regulars and subscribers has been reduced from +1/+3/+5 to +1/+2/+3. The bonus from being on the bit leader board is nerfed from +2 to +1. In addition to these changes, the stream reward track has been fully removed. Explaining this particular part of the PlenBot was pretty difficult and it was the last remaining core from the earliest version of PlenBot. Sub bonus for giveaways has been increased from x2 to x4. I’ve reenabled all the disabled SFX but I haven’t built a system to make a workaround to make it a little less annoying. Whenever I am trying to focus, I am hard disabling it so I can focus a little better. It will still be disabled every non-GW2 stream and during story gameplay of GW2. I’ve updated the process core to process everyone’s ticks and making it a little faster and fixed a lot of bugs. The site has also been updated to load a little faster. The main dashboard received an overall remake. The API was expanded, and I move parts of the back code from my back server to the main server, inaccessible to normal users of course. I updated and added new code to the site to support the next update of PlenBot, which might take some time to arrive. Lastly, I added an About page about PlenBot and what it does with few extra credits.