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The all-in-one solution for all your arcdps logs.

Main overview

Main overview of the app

PlenBot Log Uploader helps you manage arcdps logs with ease.
Packed with useful features, the Uploader is trying to eliminate the need to manually upload logs to dps.report or GW2Raidar while adding a lot of other features.


DPS.report & link storage
  • automatic upload to dps.report as soon as a new log is made
  • drag & drop directly to the executable or to the running application to quickly upload a log
  • selection of the normal dps.report server or a.dps.report
  • boss & success recognition
  • easy to display csv file with all the links and data
Logs file
Twitch chat
  • send links to the logs to Twitch chat
  • customisable messages for Twitch chat
  • custom name for the Twitch chat bot (another Twitch account required)
Samarog killed message Custom name preview Edit message preview

Further log processing
  • uploading logs to GW2Raidar with customisable tags
  • sending links to Discord channels via Discord webhooks
  • pinging logs to custom server for manual processing via Remote server pings
GW2Raidar settings Discord webhook message preview
Additional features
  • arcdps version checking and module update
  • application update reminder
  • code fully open sourced on GitHub, redistributed and built using Appveyor
  • lightweight application which needs "some" processing power and between 50 - 100 MB of RAM
Update reminder arcdps versioning GitHub commits